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Email Marketing Tips For 2020

Email marketing is still as popular as it was a decade ago. It is an essential tool that allows businesses to reach and share any information they have regarding the product. According to studies, email marketing is expected to remain at par with social media marketing. With tablets and mobile phones becoming important tools in life, email marketing will still be used to reach the audience. Here are email marketing tips for 2020.

1. Utilize User feedback
Although the email was traditionally used to share blogs, info and promote events and sales, the user feedback aspect is making it an important tool to marketers. It is the feedback that allows manufacturers to improve on the product, so as to satisfy the needs of customers. Also, negative reviews are important in the recovery effort. So when you use emails as marketing tool, encourage the audience to give feedback.

2. Make use of technology in email marketing
To succeed in your email marketing strategy, you will need to incorporate and make use the latest technology. One of the technologies that you will need to incorporate is the voice search. This technology makes it easier for users to quickly find the information they need without the need to use the keyboard. Optimizing landing pages and blogs for voice-based SEO will also make it easier to integrate the language in the emails.

3. Personalization
This is the strongest point of email marketing. It helps you connect with each customer no matter how big the audience is. Studies show that 90 percent of the audience favor personalized content and will read and react to content that features their name, browsing habits, or buying behavior. You can use segmentation to group like-minded people together. It allows you to easily personalize the campaigns. When you use their real names, it makes the recipient feel they are valued.

4. Tweaking the subject line
Perhaps this is the most crucial factor in email marketing. Note that 47% of users will only open an email if they are happy with the subject line. So writing a killer heading is likely to attract users and make them open the mail. The subject line should be engaging to serve as the first impression. Here are some of the tricks you may need to employ when tweaking the title.

· It should be short
· It should be benefit-driven
· Should contain an impact such as a discount or an offer
· It should be interactive –use first-person narration
· It should either trigger urgency, fear, necessity, or curiosity.

5. Craft a mobile-friendly mail
A mobile-friendly email will allow the user to access and read it on their tablet or smartphone. It ensures a higher click rate and is likely to generate more engagement. Use mobile email templates when creating the emails. Also, make use of mobile-friendly sign-up forms.

6. Make the mail insightful
Users are not interested in data. They can get it from other places. So when you choose to deploy the email marketing strategy, you must exclusively focus on insight. Too much data can be boring and overwhelming. Users will not read an email that is loaded with data. So you must avoid it if you want to use the email marketing tool to the benefit of your business.