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How to market during a crisis?

Most marketers try to be flexible enough to deal with the changing dynamics of business, demand shifts, or increased competition. But, all these marketers have got control over minor changes while they stand still when something big happens. It could be a sudden product failure, destruction of the working unit, tsunami, or a pandemic like COVID 19. Such things demand immediate yet huge decisions. If the issue is related to the company, effective communication and cost management can make a change. But, what if the issue like COVID 19 affects the whole world at the same time?

If the trade stops and markets don't work, what's your plan for marketing in such situations?

? Get your marketing, sales, and service staff together and make sure the team for crisis is appropriately sized (has fewer members).

? Now, ask for the team's suggestions and observations regarding the latest changes in customer's behavior. Do they think that the competitors are taking over? What do they feel that customers want from them? Is there something that your competitor does but you're missing?

Such insights from the personnel's point of view will always help the company overcome the times of crisis as they are experienced as well as involved with the people socially to understand better.

? When you listen to the answers, stay focused and pick out any comment that can be a potential marketing strategy. You may also want to get in touch with a few customers and ask for their reviews on the same.

? Try to keep your customers and turn them into the fixed buyers of your service. At the time of crisis, the customers that belief in you will help the business to move into a downfall.

? Focus on your core business and maximize the perceived value. Additional interests or expenses in business might get marketing in the wrong direction. Marketing your main services will help you attract customers for your business specialization and may convert them into long term customers too.

Marketing in crisis might seem difficult, but it's possible. In fact, following the right marketing strategies can also turn beneficial.