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Why Virtual Sale Is Becoming The New Normal

Executing sales virtually is becoming the new standard thanks to both Covid -19 and the ever-changing technology. First, the pandemic is making it difficult for marketers to interact and generate leads. Thus, both buyers and sellers are becoming wary of the old shopping techniques that dominated the yesteryears. It is no longer safe to visit the physical store and shop. Also, store owners are increasingly becoming wary of customers and are unwilling to expose their employees to health risks. In this post, we focus on why the virtual sale is becoming common.

1. Technology
The advent of the internet has changed the way things work. The salespersons have not been exempted from its effect. But marketers that rely on old practices like cold calling will soon find themselves jobless as AI takes center stage.

AI is now doing the repetitive jobs that were previously done by the sales reps. It frees their time so that they can focus on closing sales and building relationships. Also, technology has available tools that can be used to scan email inboxes to see if any prospect is requesting for a meeting. Moreover, it has availed plenty of tools that make it easier for the marketer to reach the potential customer and schedule for a virtual meeting. They can rely on virtual assistants to generate suggestions on time the meeting should be held and the means used.

Traditionally, the sales team spends a lot of their time on unproductive prospecting that reduced their lead scoring abilities. But through AI, it is now possible for the team to monitor their arsenals virtually and predict when the lead will be ready to purchase. Indeed, it is why B2b consumers use a variety of channels ranging from online communities to social media to reach their targets. They rely on Artificial intelligence to mine the platforms for the signal. Of course, there is more we can say about how AI is making virtual sales go up, but let’s spare some space for the Corona Virus Pandemic.

2. Covid-19
As the pandemic looms, more people are resorting to doing most of their things virtually. It is no longer healthy to buy by touching sales points that have been used by hundreds of buyers. Besides, physical shopping allows one to come in contact with people who are already infected. It accelerates the spread of the virus.

For this reason, most businesses are looking into ways to allow their customers to buy their inventory online. Already, surveys show that virtual selling has risen considerably, and sales reps are taking advantage of connecting with their prospects virtually to boost their sales.

Furthermore, it is easier to reach the clients virtually through SEO or Social Media. The sales team can also use targeted ads because they have the tools that allow them to locate their prospects.

It is sad to note that a few businesses have closed shop because of the pandemic, but this should not happen to your business. Going virtual provides the right avenue to protect your customers and employees from the pandemic effects. Building an online storefront will keep your business afloat and protect the community and employees.