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Why is it relevant for lead generation department in businesses to report to marketing and not sales

No matter if you have a lead generation department or have hired a lead generation company, whom do you tell them to report with results? Is it the sales department or the marketing department? Many of you might answer sales and that might be something wrong you’re doing to your business.

How? Here are some relevant reasons:

Sales department should not be the ones Lead generation department shall be answerable to but instead they should consider the sales department to be their valued customers.
With marketing team, Lead generation representatives (LGRs) will be more aware about the campaigns, demand generation strategies, and the target audience.
LGRs will help the marketing team to follow up on the content they have created. How is the market responding to their content so that they can easily adjust to the requirements!
Marketing team will know about the campaigns that are working and the ones that are not! They can make their investments in the right place with the help of LGRs’ feedback.
As compared to the sales team, marketing team is often more available and can answer the queries of LGRs sooner. Using this availability, marketing department can also follow up to the results of lead generation and make the amendments quicker and better.
Marketing campaigns is a source for great number of leads and hence the information can help both parties to do their work better!
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