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Vital Lead Development Tips Marketers Don’t Talk About

Most marketers will help generate leads but will not tell you what to do to get the most out of them. For instance, they will not tell you how to align the leads to your efforts to optimize them. Besides, they will not tell you all the vehicles to use to generate more leads and how you can add value to your converts. In this post, we focus our attention to lead development tips that marketers hardly talk about.

1. Aligning marketing efforts and sales
When you align marketing efforts to sales, it improves your ROI. Unfortunately, this is not what happens. That is why the sales team will always complain that the marketing team is not feeding their pipeline with useful leads. On the other hand, the marketing team will still complain that the sales person is not working hard to convert the leads. So aligning the marketing and the sales team through direct communication reduces the blame game.

2. Using multiple lead generation avenues
Utilizing numerous lead generation resources will help you maximize the results. Unfortunately, most marketers will only use a channel they were first introduced to when they got into the field. Here are the lead generation resources that you should consider combining.


· Social marketing
· Mouth referral
· Telemarketing
· Speaking events
· Direct mail
· Email marketing
· Public relations
· Social media marketing
· Telemarketing
· Content marketing
· Webinar

3. Adding value to prospective customers
Adding value to a buyer refers to any action you take, which brings them something they cannot get on their own. By this, we refer to insight, action, and giving them some bit of information they cannot get on their own. It gives the prospect the reason to want to talk to you again. It propels them to make the next order. Now to do this, you need necessary information about the buyer. Read the trends and gather information on the market to learn about issues that are impacting on the buyer. If you are in California, for instance, which insight can you give the residents to make their lives better? If you are selling a product from company A, do your homework and be an expert on the product. It will help you win more deals.

4. Managing sales leads
Large volumes of leads could be confusing. So if they are not well managed, it can allow the prospects to slip through the dragnet. Unfortunately, no marketer will tell you how to manage the leads. They will send you the leads and will not care about what you do to the leads. So you must have a strategy of managing the leads without feeling overwhelmed. Ensure you have a mechanism to check if your sales team acted on all the leads that were forwarded to them. Track the leads and ensure that they are evenly distributed to your sales team.

5. Prioritize your best prospects
When you come in contact with a prospect, the first thing you must do is to handle them as customers. If they raise questions, ensure that they are answered satisfactorily. It impacts on their ego and will make them want to engage you further. The other thing you must do in your leadership development journey is to consistently increase the prospects that your sales team will convert into profitable customers. Also, you must work hard to eliminate lulls in the sales cycle.