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New Strategies Reps Are Using To Generate Leads

Although the work of a sales rep is to follow up on leads, there are cases when they should generate leads. So these types of sales reps need tactics to help them generate quality leads. Of course, some companies will have their own lead generating engines. So the work of the salesperson, in such a case, would be to follow up on the leads. But following up the leads may not be easy if you do not know how the leads were generated.

Thus, the modern sales reps are going the extra mile to generate their own leads. They are deploying technology and new tactics to generate leads. They use events and do cold prospecting to generate the leads. Besides, most of them are leveraging LinkedIn and other social media in lead generation.

Indeed, a salesperson that is able to generate leads stands a better chance of growing their business to the next level. This article focuses on the new tactics used at Zinoits and which the salespersons should employ to generate leads.

1. Use of events in generating leads
Events attract people from all walks of life. As such, they could be a fantastic source of quality leads. Organizing and sponsoring events is therefore becoming common since it helps to bring together a multitude of people. When such an opportunity presents itself, the salesperson could use the chance to generate leads. Conferences and trade show present perfect opportunities for generating leads. If the salesperson knows how to network, it allows them an opportunity to showcase to the public what the business offers.

Of course, some of the events may require that you pay some fees or buy tickets in advance. Such events are worth since they help marketers establish a valuable relationship that enhances lead generation. To ensure a return to the investment, the salesperson should use the meet-ups to engage the attendees at a personal level. They need not sell their product or service at the event but they should create rapport and build relationships.

2. Cold prospecting
This strategy is based on the old cold calling but which has been modified to produce results. Here, the salespersons go out to hunt for new business. It is a prospecting method that allows salespeople to go out and reach out to potential clients. It takes time but it is one of the strategies that can guarantee a list of prospects if it is done well. The sales rep may need to collect the emails of prospects and later send them emails detailing on their products and services. The modern salesperson uses tools to source for the email addresses and telephone numbers.

Once the mails have been collected, the next thing that the salesperson will do is to send emails or text messages to the prospects. To succeed with this method, the letter must be concise, relevant, and easy to understand.

3. Generating leads through social media
Of all the available social media channels, LinkedIn remains one of the most important tools you can rely on to generate leads. It allows marketers to target the right group of people and grow the network. It helps sales reps create relevant connections and initiate conversations. Through the use of In-Mail, marketers are in a position to start conversations that will eventually lead to conversion.

The best way to do this is to have a human conversation that is relevant and engage people about the product.

4. Parting shots
Although there are many other strategies the sales reps are using to woe prospects, Zinoit combines both virtual and face to face meets to generate leads. They use both cold calling and social media to achieve their goals.