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Leveraging Humor In Advertising

The use of humor in marketing is a strategy that continues to gain prominence all over the world. It is a strategy that brands use to make their campaigns impactful. Humor warms up the audience and gets them convinced that the brand is in touch with what is taking place in society.

Leveraging humor in advertisement entails creating a relationship between the brand and the audience. It allows the audience to see how the brand relates to the real day to day life. Also, it creates a lasting impression in the audience and gives them a reason to use the product.

Indeed, using humor entices the audience and accelerates the buying decision. Here are the benefits of making your adverts humorous.

1. It entertains
Humor gets the message across while it entertains the audience. It makes them laugh and enjoy the campaign. Also, it helps to effectively communicate an important message. You can use humor to put across messages that are difficult to communicate to the audience. Thus humor is an important element of human psychology that helps it to process data.

2. Grabs attention
Humor is appealing and could easily grab the attention of audience. This is why TV advertisers are using humor to attract the attention of people who are constantly distracted by smartphones. Humor keeps them glued on the TV and enables them to remember the product. Humorous TV advertising campaigns allow advertisers to get an emotional connection to consumers.

3. Makes a lasting impression
Humor enhances recall and creates a purchase intention. If it’s well integrated with the objectives, humorous advertising is likely to secure the attention of the audience. It will increase the attention of the audience and create a lasting impression. Also, humor connects consumers to the product. It increases brand awareness and could help to grow the market base.

4. It accelerates purchase intention
A humorous message that coincides with the objective is likely to influence and enhance the resolute to purchase the product. It is more likely to make the audience pay more attention to the products and consider buying it. If the consumer has used the product before, it persuades them to make a purchase. Besides, through humor, the marketer is able to pass across more details about the product

5. Can help make a product go viral
Social platforms such as YouTube and TikTok are used for entertainment. So people will visit them so that they can watch videos. Marketers are aware of this. So they will create funny advertisements and post them on the channel. If the video is too funny, users will want to share it with their friends. By so doing it makes it go viral and reach more audience. It gives the company a chance to compete with bigger brands.

There are many ways companies are leveraging humor in an advertisement. A humorous advertisement grabs attention and is likely to leave a lasting solution in the user's mind. Besides, it grabs attention and accelerates purchase intention.