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Intent data- Strategies and Their Benefits!

A potential buyer of your services is just out there making a move, but how do you ensure that your competitor won't be the one he chooses for solutions that you can easily provide?
That's where intent data comes to rescue.

Intent data is the behavioral activities performed by a customer that ties him with the seller. These activities could include websites that he visits, products that he has reviewed, time that he spent on multiple websites, etc.

Now, how does a seller use the intent data to accelerate his sales? Here are a few pointers-

Demand Generation
While you already spend time and money on-demand generation, why not do it wisely? Identify the active prospects and reach them on time with the correct message that may lead them towards you in their buying journey.

Get your Account-Based Marketing on track.
As elegant as ABM may sound, it does not need to be so. An elegant idea only attracts huge companies, but customers are your main target in the end. Hence, target the right people with suitable marketing skills.

Don't lose the existing customers.
Ever felt bad when your loyal customer chose your competitor for a good/service? Well, if your success team were keeping track of the intent data, you'd know it sooner and could have done a lot to prevent it from happening.

Retargeting made better
Retargeting has always been a good idea yet limited to targeting the people who visit your website. But, with intent data, you can target a customer who has visited your LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook page or anywhere across the web.

Make a conversation with the buyer.
If you strike a conversation with your buyer at the right time, it may help a lot to convince them for the process ahead. Now, you can either start one with a random question or make the impression with something that they really want to know about. Intent data helps you do the second thing better because you would already know what they are looking for.

Use the strategies above keeping the benefits in mind at the right time today!