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Importance of tele prospecting in generating qualified leads

Telemarketing is becoming important in lead generation in the four corners of the earth. So far, it is the greatest way to communicate messages to targeted groups of prospects wherever they are. Also, it is a great way to gather feedback on a product and plays an important role in determining the next step in B2B or B2C relationship. When it is used to complement digital marketing, it guarantees better results.

Notice that in the past few years, marketers have been grappling with how they can make maximum use of the salesperson. Tele prospecting seems to provide the answer. It is an effective tool to use to follow up leads. Here is the importance of tele prospecting in lead generation.

1. Generating demand
Tele prospecting is no longer focusing on cold calling where marketers try to sell something to the prospect. It entails making a follow-up and qualifying the generated leads. It plays a vital role in helping to generate demand via calling activities

2. Empowering the marketing and sales team
One of the ways to help grow up a company’s revenue is empowering the sales and marketing teams. Teleprospecting thus, helps the sales team determine the prospect’s pain points. It also helps them to understand the variables that affect their current situation. It enables the salesperson to determine whether the client is the best fit for the product.

Telemarketing ensures that the sales team has the data they need to hunt for and qualify leads. They use the data to determine a prospect with a need. It helps the sales team to speak to the right people.

3. Helps to warm the prospects
Closing a sale is a process that needs time and the use of tricks. Teleprospecting helps the marketer to warm up the prospect and allows them to gain insight into their needs. They ask the prospect meticulous questions that help them to assess their needs. The information is later shared with the sales team to enable them customize their presentation. It enables the sales team to focus their presentation and save the prospect from unnecessary questions. It builds a rapport faster and allows them to qualify the leads since it may not be possible to close a sale on the first call. So warming the prospects may be the best option that can help you close the sale.

4. To identify the sales-ready leads
Tele prospects must be nurtured and only passed to the sales team when they are ready. So the leads that aren’t passed to the sales team must be nurtured for a while. So tele prospecting will help to point out when such a lead is ready to be escalated to the sales team. It ensures that any qualified leads go to the sales team immediately.

5. Enhances the marketing efforts
One of the important roles played by the tele prospecting campaign is that it collects vital data on decision making and challenges that the prospect may be encountering. This is vital information that helps the marketing team to come up with campaigns that can help to attract an appropriate targeted audience.

6. It helps gauge how effective the marketing team is
A tele prospector will pass information to the marketing team. So they can see programs that generate quality leads and those that should be adjusted. It also helps to point out programs that need to be eliminated if they do not result in the right audience.

Thus, tele prospecting will qualify leads and avail data to the marketing and the sales team to help them improve their marketing and sales strategy. It also plays a role in aligning sales and marketing teams when the marketer passes the qualified lead to the sales team.