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How Email Marketing Can Increase Traffic

Email marketing remains one of the online strategies with the capacity to reach millions of potential customers. It could be used to inform them of a new product or changes that have been made on an existing product. It is cheap and could be relied on to create trust and loyalty to a brand. Also, it can be relied on to change the purchase pattern and increase the customer base.

Email marketing could be used to promote products and services. It gives the marketer a creative way of crafting and getting targeted messages to the audience. If done correctly, email marketing can be used to explain how a product or services work. This way, it could help to drive traffic to a business website and promote sales.

Email marketing is cheap and requires little effort. Besides, it can be used to reach any audience anywhere in the world. Here is how you can use email marketing to increase traffic volume.

1. Encourage your customers to subscribe to your email
Before you start using the email marketing strategy, it is important to ensure that you have the addresses of the potential customers. This should be done by collecting credible emails through the following strategies.

i). Facebook- create a Facebook business page and use it to collect viable emails. Visitors to such pages are people interested in the solutions the page provides. So they are likely to become reliable customers if you do the right thing. Allow the audience to subscribe to a newsletter or sign in for an informative email.

ii). Use of forums and blogs – Forums and Blogs will greatly impact on your email marketing campaigns. Through these channels, you can explain how your product could solve a problem. Also, you can request them to visit your website for more details or leave their email addresses for updates. Also, use strategies like the premium to capture their emails.

iii. Use of promotional videos - Short but informative videos could be used to collect tones of emails. All you need is to prepare a funny or informative video and upload it on YouTube or Vimeo. But remember to ask the audience to subscribe to future videos or newsletters at the end of the video.

2. Let the subscriber know what to expect
To succeed in using the email marketing strategy, you will need to explain the benefits of the process to the audience. They should know why you need their email addresses and what you intend to use it for. It makes them expect your email and anticipate reading the content.

3. Ensure the Emails is scan-able
People are busy and so they may not find time to read long emails. Thus, you need to make the mail concise but informative. The reader should be able to scan through with a glimpse and get the message. However, the length of the mail should be determined by what you do. If you provide educational services, a detailed email will serve the purpose. Also, make use of subheadings and infographic. It allows the user to scan and understand the mail even without reading it.

4. Make use of videos
Sending short videos through the mail is the new strategy marketers are leveraging to reach the audience. It provides a better way of delivering content without the need to write lengthy texts. Also, it produces better results because people prefer watching to reading. If the video is of high quality and informative, it can produce better results. However, you must ensure that it is lightweight to allow for fast loading. For more information, visit Zinoit.