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Account-Based Marketing Prospects

Account-based marketing was an important strategy to entrepreneurs in the entire2019. Every forum and conferences attended evoked the term. Besides, the term was commonly featured in uncountable online interactions. In current situation, going forward, it is expected that account-based marketing will even go a notch higher. B2B organizations are developing interest in account based marketing. So far, trends show that most organizations are taking account-based marketing seriously because it is a top strategy in marketing. It thus remains the only avenue that allows organizations to pursue high-level clients. Here are the key trends in ABM for B2B marketers.

1. Account-based marketing remains B2B primary strategy
In one of the surveys conducted in 2019, it was reported that about 50% of organizations had an initiative in ABM. The study showed that 25% of them began pursuing initiatives in the past 6-12 months. Further, it showed that only 6% of the respondents were not taking part in ABM initiatives. The data further showed that ABM strategy is growing fast. Thus, it is expected to become a major factor in this year’s marketing strategy. It explains why brands are consciously creating content that targets the spectra of buyers that forms the buying committee.

2. Aligning sales and marketing is becoming a challenge to ABM
Most companies that have adopted ABMopine that aligning sales to marketing this year will not a walk in the park. It is one of the weighty barriers that they face in their endeavors. Respondents who were interviewed said that it remained the biggest challenge that B2B companies are grappling with. Thus,both the sales and the marketing teams will need to go out of their way for a smooth flow.

According to the respondents who were interviewed in the survey, the sales team plays a critical role in determining the account selection. The team is aware of the accounts that are easy to work with and those that increase conversion. Even though, the marketers are expected to continue to play a role in determining the methods to be used. To this effect, technographic, which entails analyzing the account based on technology, will be at the top of the curve. So, determining the accounts that will bring in more profit but which are easy to work with will be an important consideration. But any success in aligning sales and marketing will greatly contribute to the success of the program. So, efforts should be directed at creating unity between the two teams.

3. Integrating B2B influencers
The use of influencer content was at 29%. This is quite low, considering that influencers remain a powerful combination of ABM strategies. So, companies need to identify their prospects and niche influencers that the prospects are ready to listen to. Besides, peers and technical experts should be relied on to drive the brands. Thus, this year, world-class influencers will play a more prominent role in account-based marketing.

4. Measuring the success of ABM strategy
Several parameters will be used to measure the success of the ABM strategy. But some of the methods that will be relied on include net-new accounts, account engagement, pipeline velocity, win-rate, contribution to pipeline revenue, and the number of qualified accounts. Also, the net-new account is expected to engage about 60 %. That aside, it is vital to note that account-based marketing is an excellent evolution that B2B Businesses must consider to help spike up sales and move the business to the next level.