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B2B Lead Generation Company. Zinoit is a potential business outfit that seeks to lead the industry with our customer's satisfaction pertaining to the virtuoso solutions that we provide for their vital B2B functional necessities. Be it sales, marketing or HR, we deliver best in class results.

With expertise in Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, Data Enrichment services, Recruitment services, IT sales solutions and Digital marketing, our team ensures that your business requirements are in good hands with Scalable Model, Meeting timelines & Lead Management methods.  We purely believe in pay for performance model, a perfect fit for Enterprise and Technology companies across the globe to improve ROI on their marketing spend and quicker sales cycle. Leverage our expertise of 15+ years’ in building & deploying robust ABM, Install base targeting or strategic approaches based on your requirements.

Zinoit is Technology focused demand generation & marketing agency backed by the expertise of industry specialists. We have built a vast intent base data by regularly monitoring billions of read/write signals that include search, marketing collateral, job posts, resume databases to extract intent and the right-party contact information. We essentially follow a pure pay for performance model to improve ROI on the marketing spend of Enterprise and Technology companies globally.

Our full funnel lead generation solutions can help you generate Marketing Qualified Leads, Sales Qualified Leads and BANT Leads. We provide cost-per-lead programs specifically for your marketing outreach on content and digital assets such as whitepaper, webinars, webcasts, and e-books. Our leads are 100% QA checked and opted-in to receive specific form of communication moving forward.

We help you shorten your sales cycle and improve ROI on your marketing spend.


Over 15+ years’ experience in Strategizing & Channelizing Sales/Marketing outreach.


Proven auditing methodology ensures quality is never compromised.

Happy Clients

Our Hunger for being the best in class resulted in a 97% Positive C-Sat Survey’s and strong ROI .


Our transparent prominent workflows makes us one of the trusted partners in the industry.


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Appointment Setting

Increase your face time with the your ideal prospect by our prominent methodology, keeping your sales team focused on Demos & Closures. Let us do the dirty work of prospecting, Building interest,( ICP – Ideal client profile) Qualification process to set the platform and direct your sales team to the board room by keeping the best foot forward.

Our qualified experts work closely on the desired target market and preferred audience based on your product or services, pitch directly to the decision-makers, influencers or recommenders to cater your requirements and set you up for success with strong ROI and detailed program analytics for ensuring you don’t leave any stone unturned. 

We tailor our appointment setting services to deliver what your business needs – qualified sales leads and appointments.

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B2B Lead Generation Services

Zinoit strongly believes in having the perfect match of quality and volume by building a mechanism which is repeatable, tractable, constant and assured.

Our lead generation practices go one step ahead of the standard content syndication wherein we have the ability to generate leads based upon the functional roles and responsibilities of the prospect rather than leads based only on title nomenclatures which ensures more accurate and qualified lead.

Our Multi-touch Multi-channel Marketing approach sets the stage for your brand to reach your target decision-makers through our phone, email, social and online outreach. We do what it takes to ensure each opportunity we handoff is ready for the next step in the sales cycle—whether it’s for further follow-up or for the finishing touches of a sales deal.

The aim is to do the prospecting in the right fashion with the right audience at the right time to increase your chances of sales closures. We are a “One-stop shop for all your sales & marketing needs’.

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B2B Lead Generation

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We deliver in real time through API, direct integration with your CRM or any technology stack.

Leads followed up within a short TAT are 10X more likely to become a deal.

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